Download The Smart Video Revolution JV Packet

Download The Smart Video Revolution JV Packet

Judgement Day LAUNCH DATE:

May 21st 2020 | 3 PM EDT | $21,000 No Minimums 1st Prize!

A Long Time Ago In A Personalized Video Launch Far,
Far Superior Than Anything That Had Gone Before...

We Paid Out Over $447,627.68 in Commissions To Affiliates, Gave Away Over $49,000 In Prizes, Sold Over 6,500 Units, Grossed Over $1,266,146...

...And Gave You $19.76+ EPC's 31.30%+ Conversions


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And Now - Like The Terminator, We’re Back And This Time…

The Sequel Is Going To Be Even Better Than The Original…

Think Back to the Future Part 2…Batman Returns…The Godfather Part 2…
(And arguably, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade...Thoughts?...)

There ARE Some Sequels Out There Better Than The Original.

Now the originals are already EPIC. But their sequels are EVEN more badass…

Smartvideo Revolution Is Going To Join That Hall Of Fame.

Last Time, With Smartvideo, We Witnessed An Epic Battle
To Win That Coveted Goblet Of Fire $20,000 First Prize…

(Think The Hunger Games but less brutal) Or Obi-Wan-Kenobi vs Darth Vader -
(Todd Gross, Team Viddyoze...Who’s on the dark side?

And This Time We Are Using The Force Of A $21,000 - Yes, $21,000 No Minimums First Prize! To Get You All Battling Once Again.

It’s anyone’s to seize and yours to win. But who will be delivering their acceptance speech holding a shiny $21,000 cheque PayPal transaction receipt this time?

It’s all up to you...

This is a red carpet launch of BLOCKBUSTER proportions and you’re ALL invited to the premiere.

WHEN: May 21st 2020 3PM EDT.

HOW: Volunteer As Tribute Sign Up Here...

What’s EVEN Better This Time Round?


We’re Going To Make You An Offer You Can’t Refuse…
A $21,000 First Prize AND More Than $45,000 to Giveaway In Just 7 Days.

You already know we believe in rewarding you BIG for your mailing efforts.
We know you’re already going to get a box-office breaking ROI for your time - (Just think of those $19.76 EPCs and 31.30% conversions!)

But we don’t think that’s enough.

So with a $21,000 first prize and more than $45,000 to give away in BONUS prizes in just 7 days…

And with a competition to suit you - no matter the size of your list - we’ll make sure you’re more ‘Millionaire’ than ‘Slumdog’.


*Team Contest - No Minimums


PRE-LAUNCH From May 17 - May 21

(All Leads Referred Will Be Counted Towards $.50C/Lead)

ALL leads will be HARDCODED with your affiliate ID during the pre-launch webinar we are hosting May 21 at 2 PM EST (launch day)

All sales closed on the pre-launch webinar will be counted towards the leaderboard and ensures you earn massive commissions! 

NOTE: Many More Surprise Contests Will Be Announced Throughout The Launch To Maximize Your Commissions!

We generally pay out over $45,000 in prizes after surprise contests + commissions bumps announced during the launch.


(Starts May 21 at 3 PM EST and Ends May 22 at Midnight)

* Team Contest - No Minimums


(Starts May 26 at 12 AM EST and Ends May 28 at Midnight) 

* Individual Contest - No Minimums


(Announced Via JV Updates)

* Individual Contest - No Minimums


In 2017 - People Told Us Our Product Was Something Out Of 2020...

Daniel Isaiah
SmartVideo User
This [SmartVideo] technology is 2020, not 2017.
It’s so advanced that folks like AT&T are using this technology to make personalized videos and they pay $10,000 per video.

Now It IS 2020! It’s Time To Reveal
Video Personalisation Technology
That Is 2023.

This Is The World Premiere Of SmartVideo Revolution! 
THIS Is Your Exclusive Invite...


We’re No Longer JUST Empowering Your Customers To Make Amazing, Conversion-Boosting, Sales Surging, Engagement-Rocketing Personalizing Videos… Like The Big Stars Do…

We’re Giving Your Customers A Complete
Video Personalization Creation Suite.

With Over 92+ Smart Personalization Features To Make
Their Videos Smarter. More Epic. More Personalized.

Smart Video Revolution is the most advanced enterprise-grade personalized video marketing platform on the market...

  • In-Video & Hyper Video Personalization
  • Video Creation
  • Video Editing
  • ​Video Player
  • ​Sales Outreach
  • ​Marketing Automation

Create, Personalize and Perfect Cinematic Style Videos That Star Your Customers With Our BRAND NEW Personalized Video Creation Suite… AND THEN…
Get Them Out To The Masses With:
Custom Workflows For Marketing, Email Campaign, Sales, And Business Prospecting... 

It is the one-stop solution for creating personalized videos that consistently deliver more qualified leads and close more sales.

So Grab Your Popcorn, Sit Back & Watch This Awesome Trailer Of Smart Video Revolution...


CREATE Oscar Winning Videos With Our Drag & Drop
Cloud Based Video Personalization Editor...

  • 360, 3D & Cinemagraph Personalized Video Editor
  • ​Canvas Resize
  • ​Import any kind of Media, Video & Images
  • ​Video Opacity Settings
  • ​9 Video Blending Modes 
  • Animated Transitions
  • ​​Dynamic & Animated Text
  • ​​​Animated CTAs
  • ​Animated Lower Thirds & Personalized Combo Elements
  • ​Audio Fade In & Out 
  • 360 Personalized Video Editor
  • 3D Personalized Video Editor
  • Cinemagraphs Personalized Video Editor
  • ​Canvas Resize - Adjust canvas area for whatever type of video you want to create. Perfect for “square” Instagram & FB timeline videos or just resizing
  • ​Import any kind of Media, Video, Images
  • ​Video Opacity Settings
  • ​Video Blending Modes - dissolve, multiply, screen, overlay, hard light, soft light, darken, lighten
  • Animated CTAs
  • ​​Fade In & Out Video Transitions
  • ​​​Fade Audio In & Out
  • ​Video Animations
  • ​Dynamic Text
  • 50 Text Fonts
  • ​Easily Save Projects
  • Video Pop-Ups & CTAs 
  • ​Animated Lower Thirds & Combo Elements
  •  Video Voice Over Option

PLAY Be Proud To Showcase Your Videos In Your Virtual Movie Theater...

  • 360 Videos on Mobile
  • 3D Videos on Mobile
  • Cinemagraphs on Mobile
  • ​Vertical Videos
  • ​Square Videos
  • ​Video Wrapper Graphics
  • ​20 Video Play Button Icons
  • ​25 Click Here To Play Graphics

PERSONALIZE Grab Your Viewers Attention And
Reach Out To Them Personally With...

  • First Name Personalization
  • Last Name Personalization
  • Email Personalization
  • ​Geo City Personalization
  • ​Geo State Personalization
  • ​Full Name Personalization
  • ​Image Personalization
  • ​Custom Personalization 
  • ​Animated Personalization Opt-in

PERFECT Easily Enhance Your Videos With
Top Quality Audio, Images & Animations
From Your Built-In Library of Royalty Free Assets...

  • Pexels Stock Images
  • Pexels Stock Footage
  • Unsplash Stock Images
  • Pixabay Stock Footage 
  • Pixabay Stock Images
  • 100 Emojis Animated & Static
  • ​500+ Niche High Quality Base Level Videos 
  • ​Animated Flags
  • ​Animated Stickers
  • ​Animation for Images
  • ​Animation for Text
  • ​100+ Music Tracks

PROMOTE To The RIGHT People - In The RIGHT Ways.
The People With The Money, With...

  • Case Studies
  • Marketing Material
  • Contracts
  • ​​Consultant Kit
  • ​​Telemarketing Scripts
  • ​Ready-Made Demo Scripts
  • ​Ready-Made Sales Scripts
  • ​Personalized Marketing Videos

SHARE Release Your Latest Blockbuster To The Masses With Just One Click With...

  • Social Media Integration
  • ​​Email Integrations:
    - Gmail
    - Outlook
    - STMP
  • ​90+ ESP Integrations

MAXIMIZE PROFITS With Your Profit Integrated Maximizer Tools...

  • WebCam Recorder
  • ​Screen Recorder
  • Audio Recorder
  • ​Template Generator
  • ​Personalized Thumbnail Creator

SELL MORE You’ll Be Selling Personalized Videos Like The Wolf of Wall Street With These Ready-To-Go Smart Sales Tools...

  • Client Folders
  • Personalized Video Agency Demo Website
  • 5 Chatbot Demo Pages
  • ​5 Niche Chatbot Templates
  • ​Personalized Email Video Builder & Templates
  • ​Personalized Video Landing Page Builder & Templates

TRAIN FOR SUCCESS: Like Rocky - We Know You’re Determined To Hit The Top... And We’re Going Be With You Every Step Of The Way...

3 Days of Live Training to help you get up & running creating, selling and getting results from your personalized videos faster than a runner off the starting block.


Your Customers Get A Bargain. You Make A Box-Office Smash Worth Of CASH.

Up to $214.00 Per Sale!

SmartVideo 1 went well - REALLY well. $680,000 in 5 days well. $1.266,146+ with recurring payments well.

BUT we have to admit, on reflection, if we’d made just a few tweaks to our pricing structure, we KNOW we could have hit a million (and paid out you and your fellow affiliates over $500,000!) within those 5 days.

BUT - you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs... And we’ve analyzed, we’ve learnt and we’ve perfected.

And we KNOW we’ve got it BANG ON for a million this time!

Our Funnel Is Perfectly Crafted To Make You The Most Money Possible By Giving Your Customers This Irresistible Offer...


50% Commissions Across The Funnel!

What’s Not Changed From Last Time Because
The Cast Was Just Too Damn Good?...

The same team that brought you SmartVideo 1, as well as GO, and Local360...

AND paid you out over $952,484.55 commissions - [Total Affiliate Pay Outs Through ALL Launches]

Are back together to make SmartVideo Revolution a box office SMASH!

(And you get to pocket the profits].

Introducing The All-Star Cast Of Your SmartVideo Revolution Team: 

Like The Men In Black - We’ve Got YOUR Back:

The SmartVideo Revolution "Launch Team" consistently obliterates promotions for quality products as super affiliates.

We have been smashing leaderboards with Katniss Everdeen style fire-power for years and you'll constantly find us winning the Hunger Games leaderboards.

Hit us up with your quality launch and you can count on us to give it a real hard-hitting boost in return for your support for SmartVideo Revolution. Put it this way, you’ll REALLY notice we mailed!

So Join Us For Judgement Day Launch Day -
Because We’re Back And This Time, It’s MORE Personal.

WHEN: May 21st 2020 3PM EDT.

WHAT: $21,000 No Minimum First Prize!

WHO: You.

HOW: Sign Up Below...

Do or Do Not - There is No Try… 

We Hope You Will Jump On Board...

Goodluck! We’ll See You On The Leaderboard...
 And May The Odds Be Forever In Your Favour.

Dean Gilmore, CEO and Team VideoRemix

Simon Warner