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How our Users have landed HIGH-PAYING CLIENTS And are Making A 3 to 4 Figure Income Every Month Using Our Interactive Sales System That Has Helped them Generate Over $2.5 MILLION In Pure Profit With SmartVideo.

PLUS Unlock Unrestricted Access To Our First-Of-Its-Kind Personalized Video Demo Showroom

Dear Valued SmartVideo Revolutionary Entrepreneur,

Congratulations again on your purchase of SmartVideo Revolution.

As you already know, you now hold in your hands your very own turn-key video personalization business that’s going to be making you bank, hand over fist - whilst providing a conversion boosting, profit-pulling service that every business needs.

Well done you. You’ve just awarded yourself access to every Marketer’s dream - big income often from a GENUINELY needed product...

Smart move. So all you need to do now, is get your message out there, and land those clients right? Absolutely right.

And we’re going to make it as easy and effortless for you as possible.

Because we have the successes of over 6,500+ SmartVideo users to learn from.

And we’ve taken this learning and used it to create a whole package of interactive tools (some which have NEVER been done before!) brandable materials, tools and communication assets that you can go get access to right away to go out there and get clients -

Starting today.

And Those 6,500+ Smartvideo Users Know - because we have over 2.5 million dollars in case studies...

SmartVideo Revolution isn’t like most products you see being offered with commercial licences. We didn’t just ‘tag it on’ to make the product seem more valuable...

It actually IS more valuable with it.

So We’re Giving You Absolutely Everything You Need To Get Your New Video Personalization Goldmine Out There And Closing Clients And Pocketing Profits, Right From The Get Go.

This is your very own fast track to success.

Establishing you as an instant video marketing authority.

Well above your competitors.

Tooling you up to making the very BEST first impression with your marketing materials, interactive tools and communications EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Empowering you to bag more clients and charge them more for your services.


Your Ultimate Smartvideo Revolution Agency And
Showroom Package

This Fail-Proof Video Personalization Sales System Is Proven-To-SELL

For Every Business. For Every Marketer. In Every Niche.

Your complete suite of personalized, interactive, brandable marketing tools, working together to get your Personalized Video business up and running FASTER with maximum results, maximum profits and minimum effort… for a single one time cost!

Created by our expert in-house design team, using all the knowledge and SmartVideo profiteering experience from our 6,500+ users.

With your SmartVideo Revolution Agency And Showroom Package, you will be able to make sure that your first impression counts every time.
  • Turning leads into clients...
  • And potential deals into dollars.
  • Making sure you make an outstanding impression throughout your entire personalized video selling process.
  • Ensuring that every visitor instantly knows that your personalized videos are pure quality.
  • Quality they can trust.
  • Quality they are confident about.
  • And quality they can invest more in.
Meaning you get it right, every single time.

Bagging high paid client after high paid client and be able to charge them more.

To do this - all you need to do is...

Show. Tell. SELL.

And We’re Going To Help You Do Every Single One Of These With Almost ZERO Effort. Let’s Have A Look How...


Personalized Video Demo Showroom...

First-to-Market: This has NEVER been done before.

Personally invite your every prospect into your own personalized video SHOWROOM.

You can even brand it with YOUR brand!

Put your most professional foot forward and show off your personalized videos in your own virtual showroom, where you can meet personally with your prospects and show off personalized demos and close clients every time. 

Become The Lamborghini Of Video Marketers.

Imagine your personalized video demo room like a car showroom…

Invite clients and prospects into your virtual showroom from ANYWHERE on the planet, then…

You get to hold your prospect’s attention in your dedicated space.

Meaning YOU are in control of any negotiations.

You can show them multiple personalized video options, make modifications at the drop of a hat... 

And because we’re giving you your personalized video demo showroom as a white label You can brand your showroom with your name, logo and more; giving you that extra mark of quality.

Let’s face it, you’d never see a Lamborghini showroom without the Lamborghini logo plastered all over it!

Everyone Who Steps Into Your Showroom Will Instantly Think You’re A Total Video Marketing Guru!

Use Your Personalized Video Demo Showroom To...
  • Close Clients
  • Showcase Demos
  • Deliver Finished Personalized Videos To Your Clients
  • Chat, Negotiate And Discuss How Much You’re Going To Profit

It’s Your One Stop Shop To Put Your Best Personalized Video Marketing Foot Forward

Plus you’ll be able to record every showroom demo session with your included webcam recorder and audio recorder.

Meaning you can keep detailed and up to date notes on every client.

Keeping a record of exactly what they want and making sure you get it right every time.  
Ensuring you get repeat business...

After all, that’s what pays time and time again.

Repeat customers are going to be your bread and butter.

Here’s What Else You’re Getting Inside Your
One-Of-A-Kind Agency Kit...

Your Designed To Convert, Ready-To-Go
Agency Landing Page

You’ll be bagging clients in no time, with your professionally designed agency landing page. Your landing page arrives completely ready-to-go, pre-filled with all of the content you need, specifically designed to turn leads into clients.

Even though your agency landing page has been crafted by our professional copywriters and designers, we understand you might want to make yours...well, a little more personal...And develop your content as your business grows.

That’s exactly why we’ve giving it to you with all the hard (and expensive!) work done...Yet, fully editable, so you can have total control over your content without any technical knowledge needed. And it goes without saying, your eye-catching, uber professional landing page is completely mobile responsible.

Value $997


Simply Speak And Sell Scripts...

Show Off In The Showroom. Over The Phone. Or In Person.

Designed to hypnotize your prospects to choose YOU to buy their personalized video from. You’ll be getting the exact same sales scripts that our clients have used to generate over $2.5 MILLION in pure profit by selling on their personalized videos to local businesses.

With 3 BESPOKE scripts...

Showroom Demo Script

Simply follow this script in your showroom demo sessions to make sure you convert your showroom into a sales room - every time.

Your Showroom + This Demo Script = Client Closed Every Time.

Shiny Sales Script

Simply follow this script in your first communications with prospects to pitch your personalized video service in the most perfect way. Use for individuals, small businesses, or go after the big boys, like we did with Domino’s or Charles Egerton who bagged a SIX FIGURE contract from a well known RV dealership.

Tell-All Telemarketing Script

Simply follow this telemarketing script over the phone to nail deals with just your voice! Like Mike Larouche, one of our most inspirational SmartVideo entrepreneurs. As a double amputee, Mike consistently closes $2,000 recurring deals simply by picking up the telephone and using this script in conjunction with sending out a personalized video demo - without ever leaving his house

These Scripts Make Selling Your Personalized Videos Not A Lot Of Work - For A LOT Of Reward.

Feel free to add a little bit of your own flair and flavour to it - but whether you use it in your virtual showroom, over the phone or in person, these step-by-step scripts, will ensure that your prospects only say YES to your services and pay you much MORE for your personalized videos.

Value $997

(And Invaluable To Your Business!)

Show and Tell

With More Than $2.5 MILLION In Pure Proof - We’re Not Short Of Case Studies To Give You To Show To Your Prospects.

Nothing converts prospects quicker than REAL, undeniable proof.

We’re giving you the best of our real-life case studies - completely unbranded - so you can add your logo and branding...

And give your cold hard proof an even bigger boost of professionalism!

Collect And Store Your Client’s Videos In Their Own Folders

You will be able to segment and store your client’s videos in their own specific folders, so you will be able to access any of your client’s videos instantly - and give them their own access too. So they can access their videos themselves - without risking any of your own videos and other client’s videos being disturbed. 


Not Content With Personalizing Videos
(And Emails - We’ll Come Onto That Later!)


(Giving You A Neat Upcharge To Add To Your Personalized Services!)

We’re adding an extra level of personalization to your sites (and your client’s) with personalized niche chatbots!

(Which is going to put an extra set of dollars in your pocket with every client!)

Offer your clients a personalized chatbot to add to their sites and multiply their personalization impact even further.

With a Library Of Different Niche Chatbot Templates, with mass appeal to local businesses…
Your clients will be able to see these personalized chatbots in action (like you can on this page!) Will make sure you can pocket the profit from adding on these ‘upsells’ every time.

PLUS: 5 Chatbot Demo Pages



This Upgrade Also Unlocks... 90+ ESP (Email Service Provider) Integrations To Get Your Personalized Video In Front Of The World 

Show and Tell

We’re Giving You Groupies To Boost Your Personalized Video Business Making You A Social Sensation.

We all know that LinkedIn is the choice of business professionals (and it’s where the real money is!) we’re giving you access to LinkedIn niche groups...

PLUS a personalized intro video for groups to help sell your personalized videos - to the people and businesses who can pay big bucks for them.

PLUS: With more than 620 MILLION Facebook Groups - we’re opening up your personalized video sales to the whole planet.

Bonus #1

We’re Going To Increase Your Amazing
Personalized Video Templates To 1,250,000!

We’re doubling your TEMPLATE  generator videos!

Giving you an extra 250 base videos for your template generator.

***(Forgot to pick up your template generator? - Click here for your second (and final!) chance [LINK to OTO1]

Multiplying your templates to a whopping 1,250,000!

Meaning we’re opening up even more clients to you more often.

Value $75,000

($300 each!)

Bonus #2

We’re Making Your Admin Extra-Easy And Your Communication EXTRA Effective With...

A full Personalized Video Marketing User Management Admin Dashboard, with 2 Included Communication Apps...
  • Social App: Keep updated on your social life while making personalized videos.
  • To Do App: Keep organized building your personalized video agency.

And A Whole Bunch Of Valuable Marketing Assets -
(They Cost US A Fortune So They Don’t Cost YOU A Fortune!)

  • Ready To Send Contracts
  • A Special Personalized, Ready-To-Go Video Contract
  • Business-Boosting Business Cards
  • Beautiful Brochures (Both Bi-Fold And Tri-Fold!)
  • Fantastic Flyer
  • Media Planner To Make Getting Clients Even More Effective.

Phew! That’s A LOT Of Incredible Features Unlocked And Essential Agency Materials We’re Giving You…

For A VERY Budget Price

In Fact, Your Agency Showroom Upgrade Includes Over $80,998 Of Expertly Created, Innovative And USEFUL Tools -  Indispensable To The Success Of Your Personalized Video Business. 

Here’s A Quick Reminder Of Everything You’re Getting Instantly Inside When You Click Below Today…

  • Personalized Video Demo Showroom
  • WebCam Recorder To Record A Sales Message Or Video Demo
  • Audio Recorder To Record Audio For Videos Or Demos
  • Ready-Made Sales Script Playbook
  • Ready-To-Use Proven-To-Convert Sales Scripts And Demo Scripts
  • A Highly Engaging Personalized Video Marketing Explainer Video
  • Highly Advanced Personalized Thumbnail Creator
  • Library Of Niche Chatbot Designer Templates
  •  5 High Converting Chatbot Demo Pages
  • 250 EXTRA Base Level Videos For Your Template Generator - Specially Developed For A Variety Of Local Business Niches
  • 3 Personalized Done-For-You Marketing Videos
  • 90+ ESP (Email Service Provider) Integrations To Get Your Personalized Video In Front Of The World
  • DFY Professional Personalized Video Agency Landing Page
  • Client Folders
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Special Heavily-Discounted One-Time Fee 

Getting Your New Personalized Video Goldmine Out There In The Most Professional, Effective And Profitable Way Possible.

We’re proud of every single one of our SmartVideo entrepreneurs.

Whether they’ve just sold their first of many personalized videos, or whether they’ve already made more than 6 figures like Charles, Mike and so many more of our 6,500+ profitable users.

And because YOU’VE just made the smart choice to invest in SmartVideo Revolution.

We have a responsibility to make sure you have EVERY chance at success. 
To land as many clients as possible.

And to make maximum bank from every single sale.

And that’s why we’re giving you your agency showroom package today for just...

We Currently Sell Our Agency Package For SmartVideo 1 For $397

(And Sssssh! It’s Nowhere Near As Jam-Packed With Features As This!)

The very second this launch is over, this Agency Showroom Package will raise to the price of $497!

(Which is still so worth it - especially with your Personalized Video Demo Showroom you can brand yourself!)

But with a total value of $80,988  

And costing us over $150,000 to have developed...

We simply can’t offer it for this price anywhere else other than this page right now.

So Fail To Click Below Now And You Will Lose The Opportunity To SAVE 641% Forever!


The Only Way You Can’t Succeed With Your Smartvideo Agency Package Is If You Choose Not To.

This Is Your Only Opportunity To Bag More Personalized Video Clients - Right From The Get Go.

More clients who are happy to pay you MORE for your services.

Because by the time you’ve used all of these bespoke tools on them - they’ll know they’re getting a bargain for the results you are going to deliver them with personalized video.

Remember, everyone deserves a kick start…

A fast start.

The RIGHT start.



So take your fast track to personalized video success.

And leave your competitors in the slow lane.

Grab Your SmartVideo Consultant Toolkit Below And Take The Fast Track To Ultimate Success And Maximum Profits


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